About Us

Lulu Lala

We love to travel, and it was from there that we saw how Indonesians can benefit from great skincare and cosmetics. We source and curate only the best makeup and skincare products. Each of the product have been carefully selected and most of them have been personally tested. Clara has dry skin and Laura has combination sensitive skin, so we got most skin types covered.

Our value system

  • We believe in giving only the highest quality authentic products, because we know how bad or counterfeit products can harm your skin
  • We believe that your appearance should always match your inner beauty. So go on, put on that eyeliner and mascara and look gorgeous today!
  • We believe that quality is the best business strategy

Most of our products come from the US, Europe and Korea. As we expand our product list, please be patient if we have some items out of stock. We try to maintain a constant supply of products, but sometimes hiccups happen and we run out =)

We look very much forward to serving all of you fabulous ladies out there!


Laura and Clara